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Our quirky little van serves draught craft beer, real ale, cider and wine, as well as a selection of soft drinks, non-alcoholic beers and gluten-free beers. We also offer gin and tonics with locally made gin.

Sourcing from local producers and the most acclaimed international companies is the Biergarten's passion, and we work with over 40 drink suppliers within an hour's drive. We can help you find that perfect wedding drink and even design pump clips for your occasion!

Our staff are friendly, well trained and flexible and you can rely on us to make your day extra special. The van itself is a real attraction as the taps come straight out of our Vauxhall Combo! We crowdfunded the set up in 2017 and it has proven very reliable and popular at countless events since.

Every occasion and party is different, but here are some initial guidelines about hire:

- The beer van comes with its own wooden bar, thick re-usable plastic glasses and friendly staff
- It needs to be parked on private land, which should be accessible for the van.
- We can attend occasions up to half an hour's drive from the Biergarten.
- There is a £70 set up fee for an event of up to 4 hours, or £100 up to 7 hours.
- Once paid, the set up fee acts as a deposit for the date. 50% of the deposit is refundable should the host cancel up to 28 days before the event, no refund is given after 
- The minimum spend on the day is £200.
- Should we sell to guests, there is also a council fee of £25, which has to be settled by the host.
- The van has space for up to four beer kegs (50 pints each) which we can pick in collaboration with you. Should you pay for the beer outright, 50% of the keg will have to be guaranteed
- We normally calculate about one keg per 25 guests.
- Of course we are also happy to bring cider, wine, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beers! 

If you’d like to learn more about the service or book us for an event, please get in touch via info@mkbiergarten.co.uk!