Invest in The Biergarten

Fancy working with us to make the shop a reality? Here is our offer.

We want to make The Biergarten the friendliest and most exciting craft beer venue around. In order to raise our initial capital (ca £32k in cash and a member of staff over two years), we need YOUR help to bring excellent beer to MK.

Have a look at our offer below and let us know via email ( or twitter if you'd like to have a look at the business plan. Shares are going to be sold on a first-come-first-served basis and we expect to have sold out by the end of February at the latest.

the offer in a nutshell:

* Investments can be made in cash (£1k, £2k or £5k) or time (160 or 400 working hours a year) 
* £2k/160 work hours are worth 3.2% of the company, £5k/400 working hours 8.1%
* Minimum investment is three years
* Shares need to be paid for in full and upfront (February 2016)


Financial return:

* For the first two years, the share holders do not receive a financial return on their investment, but instead receive a certain number of bottles per month, worth 5% of their investment sum
* In addition, share holders will also receive a discount on fresh beer from the bar. This discount is staggered (5% for £1000, 10% for £2000 and 15% for £5000) and is a lifetime benefit.
* In Year 3, share holders will receive a last year worth of bottles. In addition the will also be paid their first share (to the value of their investment). Shares are paid at the point of the company’s tax return.
* The company is currently predicted to turn over £120k by Year 3 and at that point will also support a full time member of staff. Net profit should be at least a steady £9k every year. 

Other benefits:

In addition to the free and discounted beer, there are several other benefits for shareholders:

* Priority booking for events
* A space for their own tankard on the wall of the shop
* Invitation (+3) to the VIP opening party
* Special beer tasting at the annual shareholder meeting

Would you like to learn more?

Just get in touch via to ask for a copy of the business plan!